SADA ~ 特式創意拼貼 - 興趣課程 (香港及亞洲區總代理)

Course Number SADA 2
Course Name SADA ~ Certified Decoupage Artist Certification Programme ↪️ [ Please Click to see the course content and photos]
Course Details Course target:
* 8 years old and above or accompanied by parents (parent-child class)
* Beginner
Course features:
1. Course creations are combined with Decoupage Paper, Scrapbook Paper and Napkin.
(The combination of each piece is unique)
2. Each piece of creations has a different background treatment, colour composition
with easy decoupage techniques, children can express their creativity thoroughly.
3. Crossover easy Decoupage techniques with new creative ideas using different
materials and accessories.

Course Content –
1. Square wooden mirror frame
2. Small oval wooden comb
3. Wavy rectangular wooden box
4. Bear’s paw small trash can (high 24 wide 15 deep 13 cm)
5. A4 Notebook
6. Water Hyacinth Pouch Plant – Small Woven Handbag
7. Heart ornaments plate
8. Round Plastic dish
You may choose 4 out of the 8 pieces of creations listed above.
Upon completion of this course, “Course Completion Certificate” (Kids /Beginner version) by SADA(Australia) will be awarded.

Course Duration
Course Fee HK$1,980 - 4,000
Remarks Course Fee:$ 1,980 - $ 4,000

Course fee included:

4pcs of Woodware, Water Hyacinth Pouch Plant – Small Woven Handbag,
and 4pcs of Decoupage paper,or scrapbook Paper, or Napkin
And SADA issued course completion certificate fee.
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