Cardmaking 主題賀卡創作

Course Number 6.1
Course Name 英國 Hobby House Cardmaking - Basic Course
Course Details For people who are interested in card making but with no prior experience to have a first taste of how to construct your own card in an easy way.

Level 1: Basic Technique (4 cards are included):

Lessons 2-3Lessons
Course Duration 1.5-2Hours a Lesson
Course Fee HK$1000
Remarks Description: Lessons: Number of lessons can be flexibly arranged. Usually, it only take 2 - 3 lessons to finish making 4 cards.

Time: Can be flexibly arranged. But for each timeslot, it should be at least one and a half hour. (you can at most arrange 10 hours of courses in total to finish the 4 cards!)

Before each lesson, please arrange the time slot with our instructor first!
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