SADA~專業拼貼導師證書課程 (香港及亞洲區總代理)

Course Number SADA 1
Course Name SADA ~ Certified Decoupage Artist Certification Programme ↪️ [ Please Click to see the course content and photos]
Course Details SADA Society of Australian Decorative Arts ~ Certified Decoupage Artist Certification Programme

Course Introduction:
~ Provides a professional decoupage creation platform with more advance techniques for decoupage lovers.
Create professional works that combines personal style and Australian Decoupage skills using different materials such as wood and glass.

Course Features:
* Focus on British and European styles Decoupage
* The course contains 20 pieces of creations which are mainly small furniture
* Learn 30 different techniques integrated in the course of 20 pieces of creations.
* Use Decoupage paper: including professional Decoupage paper, cotton paper, rice paper, etc.

Course Content:
The complete professional Decoupage course is formed by 20 pieces of creations.
The course starts with beginner level. Learning complexity will increase progressively, until eventually reaching the advanced skills of Level 4 (instructor certification).
Each level consists of 5 pieces of creations. There are "Level 1 - Level 4".

"Level 4" is a professional instructor course. It is only open for students applying for the "Certified Professional Instructor Certificate".

Completion of each level (Level 1- 3) will award a “Course Completion Certificate” by the SADA.

After completion of the 20 pieces of creations, one can participate in the “Certified Professional Instructor qualification assessment” (examination fee applied). Qualified individual will be awarded the “Certified professional Instructor Certificate” by SADA.

Lessons (以完成5件作品為止 until 5 products are finsihed)Lessons
Course Duration (沒有限制!學員可自行在教室開放時段內上課 Can be tailored to your schedule)Hours a Lesson
Course Fee HK$第一階段$ 7,500(其餘三個階段,請致電查詢 Please contact us)
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